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We at Chaivana grow the finest strains of Tea
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What's different

Most tea in the market are packaged by big growers, who focus on making a "standardized" cup. They would mix teas of various sources & qualities to get a "standardized" flavor. Which is like wearing the same dress, and eating the same food every single day.

We don't do that.

Soul of the Tea

We Tea growers don't drink a "standardized" cup - when we get our teas, we feel the seasons in the cup. A good tea-taster can tell if there was rain or drought, some can even tell if a caterpillar was eating the tea leaves before growing wings & flying off.

All that nuances are killed when you attempt to standardize the cup of tea. And those nuances are the Soul of Tea.

At Chaivana

Our Family has been growing Tea since 1945, and over the generations we learnt to do things simpler.

We get the green leaves, prepare and roast them with care to make the perfect chai. We package the freshly roasted tea once it's cooled down and that's what you will drink.

We hope you fall in love with your daily cup of chai.

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